American Standard 2775.018WC Cadet 85 Acrylic Whirlpool Bathtub with Center Dra White Tub Drop-In

Product Features: Fully covered under a ten (10) year residential, three (3) year commercial warranty Manufactured and assembled in the United States of America Whirlpool tub; legendary massage jetted action Drop-in installation; tub is dropped into a pre-cut deck or island Constructed of ultra-durable fiberglass-reinforced acrylic Surfaced with the industry's best stain-blocking high-gloss finish Tub proportions and contour designed by industry leading ergonomics engineers Slip-resistant flooring - textured finishing technique applied Self-leveling base structural support cuts installation time and costs Includes built-in nests for grab bars to be installed (sold separately) - these will be presented upon adding to the cart, with multiple available finishes Tub waste (drain) is not included - this will be presented upon adding to cart, with multiple available finishes Luxury Bathing Experience: Whirlpool: Legendary for a reason, Whirlpool systems push air-induced water through strategically placed jets to target muscles that hold tension. They are so effective at relieving tension that theyre widely used in sports and rehabilitation medicine. In the home, they provide for a retreat and relief from stress that is unlike any other. Technologies / Benefits: 10 Year Residential Warranty: This tub is covered under a ten (10) year residential and three (3) year commercial Warranty. This speaks volumes to the quality of American Standard tubs. Simple Controls: A single button turns the whirlpool system on and off while two dials (one for each side of the tub) operate the whirlpool system power, from a gentle swirl to a deep-tissue massage. Perfectly simple. EverClean: EverClean helps your tub stay clean between uses by continuously inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. A patented anti-microbial agent (silver-ion) is manufactured directly into the baths parts and plumbing, so it wont wear off over time. AcuMassage Jets: This state-of-the-art whirlpool system includes strategically placed AcuMax and AcuMotion jets. AcuMax jets move wide streams of water at a lower pressure for a deep tissue massage while AcuMotion rotary jets deliver more targeted swirling streams to invigorate areas such as your feet. Silent Air Induction: Whirlpool jets dont push just water they push air too. In fact, it is the air that is adjusted when you dial in your jet velocity. This process of introducing air to the water is called air induction. For some whirlpool tubs, air induction can create an irritating hissing sound, but not this tub; air induction is done silently. Self-Leveling Base: A major time-saver during installation, this tubs self-leveling base eliminates the need to fret over a perfectly level base structural support. High-density compressible pads do the work for you, compensating for any imperfections. DIYers and contractors both appreciate this feature.

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American Standard 2775.018WC Cadet 85 Acrylic Whirlpool Bathtub with Center Dra White Tub Drop-In Review

I paid 1532.05 plus shipping for this wonderful American Standard 2775.018WC Cadet 85 Acrylic Whirlpool Bathtub with Center Dra White Tub Drop-In and I thinking buying one more for my mother. I think he would use it even more than I do.

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