CCM QuickLite 230 LE Yth. Shin Guards

The QuickLite lineup is all about optimal mobility and the QuickLite 230 LE shin guards definitely delivers as a competitive shin guard with the usage of lightweight; protective foams and a new shin shell design.Key protection areas the shin shell can't cover will be the calves and thigh areas. All around the thigh; PE foam panels surround the knee cap for key protection. On the back end of the pad; the calf guard features PE foam with laminated fabrics to provide a bit of protection to the back of the leg. In the stability department; CCM uses a nylon comfort strap for the lower part of the shin; and then they use an elastic wrapping lock strap to secure the shin; giving stability behind the knee. CCM also used a new lightweight shell design which includes ribs to help disperse high impact energy as well as including vents for increased airflow. A new hinged design also helps increase mobility and comfort as the knee really bends with you thanks to the hinges. On the interior; the liner is composed of a nylon mesh with added PU foam which makes the pad a little more protective and adds comfort. Additionaly; this LE version has been treated with antimicrobial properties to help keep the stink away and pro long the life of the pad. CCM's QuickLite shin guards were designed as an entry level shin to provide speed and mobility in a low profile package; if you were looking for a shin that provides those qualities we recommend you check out the QuickLite 230 LE shin guards and the rest of the QuickLite lineup.

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CCM QuickLite 230 LE Yth. Shin Guards Review

Just now unpacked original CCM QuickLite 230 LE Yth. Shin Guards. I'm surprised of the shin guards!

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