Foremost CVSS4872 Cove 48 x 72 Frameless Bypass Shower Door Silver with Clear Glass Showers Sliding

Cove 48" x 72" Frameless Bypass Shower Door The Cove Collection will inspire you to update your look and create a stylish, contemporary bathroom, while respecting your budget. Whether you are designing a new bathroom, or renovating your current one, you will find a Cove Collection frameless tub door to complement your space. The tub doors feature 1/4 tempered safety glass with through the glass hangers, an elegantly designed header, an easy to clean bottom track, and two through the glass towel bars. In addition, our exclusive Safe Slider clip will keep your doors gliding smoothly and securely. Cove doors are protected by ClearShield - an industry leading clean glass technology. Applied to the inside surface of the glass panels, ClearShield is backed by a 10-Year Warranty. Rest assured that your Cove doors will stay crystal clear with very low maintenance. Cove doors are also covered through the WAMM - We All Make Mistakes program. Foremost CVSS4872 Features: 1/4" tempered safety glass ClearShield polymer coating keeps your glass looking like new On top, the doors feature an elegantly styled header that will coordinate beautifully with all styles of bathrooms Through the glass hangers offer a stronger and more dependable hold for the glass A through the glass towel bar is featured on both outside and inside doors The Safe Slider Clip keeps your doors on track Up to 3/4" adjustment allowance for out of square walls Cove doors are covered through the WAMM program for mistakes cutting headrails, bottom tracks and thresholds during installation Clear Shield clean glass technology resists staining from hard water deposits, surface corrosion, staining and discoloration ClearShield does not support growth of bacteria, making our shower doors much easier to clean compared to untreated glass - and eliminates the need for harsh and abrasive cleaning products Foremost CVSS4872 Specifications: Height: 72" Frame Type: Frameless Material: Tempered Glass Glass Thickness: 1/4" Door Type: Bypass Country of Origin: China Product Weight: 101.4 lbs.Foremost WAMM Program: The WAMM Program: We all Make Mistakes! Cut the Header just a bit too short? Things happen. Foremost understands. With our pledge to superior customer service for all of your shower enclosure needs. We offer WAMM program. Make a mistake and give us a call. Offer applies to head rails, bottom tracks, and thresholds that have been cut incorrectly. Our customer service team will work with you to resolve your issues.

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Foremost CVSS4872 Cove 48 x 72 Frameless Bypass Shower Door Silver with Clear Glass Showers Sliding Review

This shower doors is one of the best product around 544.00 ..It's from trustworthy Foremost, so you don't have to worry about bad quality.

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