Garmin Lakes Vision - West

Bring rich detail to your compatible device with this premium version of Garmin Lakes. With enhanced Vision features, this mapping product has satellite imagery, 3-D maps and Auto Guidance. Displays detailed shorelines, shaded depth contours, coastlines, streams, channels, boat ramps, fuel stations, marinas, campgrounds and fishing locations (where available) . High resolution satellite imagery (selected lakes only) . MarinerEye view (selected lakes only) shows surroundings in 3-D. FishEye view (selected lakes only) shows below the waterline in 3-D, including bathymetric detail. Auto Guidance (selected lakes only) searches map data to recommend the best passage to a destination. Safety Shading so you can input and shade minimum depth. Provides data on tide prediction stations. Shows interstates, highways and general roads. Garmin Lakes Vision - West is one of many Travel & Map Software available through Office Depot. Made by Garmin.

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Garmin Lakes Vision - West Review

I red all review of Garmin Lakes Vision - West, before my purchase and I was not sure, but Garmin products are very good!

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