Kohler K-1112-HR Windward Collection 60 Three Wall Alcove Jetted Whirlpool Bath Biscuit Tub Alcove

Product Features: Kohler tubs are fully covered under warranty for up to a year after installation All jets are fully adjustable for water intensity and direction of flow Jets can be turned off completely Finger pads on outer ring for easy adjustment Shallow recess for ease of cleaning Tub is constructed from an Acrylic material making it strong and flex resistant Whirlpool hydrotherapy tub - provides one of the most relaxing and invigorating bath experiences available Look forward to a private getaway in a Windward bath that features an extra-deep bathing area and integrated armrests Single-speed whirlpool with 6 fully adjustable color matched jets offers optimum performance and value Hydro-massage flow and direction that can be controlled at each jet Installs in a three wall alcove configuration Tub comes standard with molded lumbar support, furthering the users comfort A built-in heater keeps the water at the desired temperature as the user enjoys a long soak without the water getting cold Product Meets or Exceeds the Following Codes/Standards: ANSI, ASME, ASTM, UL This tub coordinates seamlessly with other products from the Windward Collection Product Technologies and Benefits: Acrylic Material - A strong, flex resistant material with a smooth finish that resists chipping and cracking, as well as being easy to clean. Whirlpool Tubs - Kohler Whirlpool tubs are designed to deliver powerful jets of water and air that are fully adjustable in direction and massage intensity, thus allowing your own personal massage. Built-In Heater - A Built-In Heater works to keep the water warm as it recirculates throughout the intake and whirlpool jets where the water would typically bleed off heat. Product Specifications: Overall Height: 21" (measured from the top of tub rim to the bottom of basin) Overall Width: 42" (measured from back most to front most point on outer rim) Overall Length: 60" (measured from left most to right most point on outer rim) Basin Width (Bottom) : 20-1/2" (back to front measurement of the bottom of basin walls) Basin Length (Bottom) : 43" (right to left measurement of the bottom of basin walls) Basin Width (Top) : 32-1/8" (back to front measurement of the top of basin walls) Basin Length (Top) : 53-1/2" (left to right measurement of top of basin walls) Water Depth: 15" (depth of water at tub's maximum capacity) Maximum Water Capacity: 57-gallons Drain Location: Right Pump Voltage: 120V Heater Voltage: 120VKohler K-1112-HR Variations: K-1113-RA: Soaking Bath K-1112-GRA: BubbleMassage air bath K-1112-RA: Whirlpool K-1112-HR (This Model) : Whirlpool + heater About Kohler: Gracious living is characterized by qualities of charm, good taste, generosity of spirit and the enhancement of nature. It is Kohler's mission that you can improve your sense of gracious living with every experience you have with a Kohler product or service. With everything that Kohler does it lives on the leading edge of desi

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Kohler K-1112-HR Windward Collection 60 Three Wall Alcove Jetted Whirlpool Bath Biscuit Tub Alcove Review

This item is definitely worth your money,because it costs just 2213.63.It is cheap and you get what you pay for.

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